Image of Top 5 Must Have Mods & Accessories for Your Toyota Tacoma.

Top 5 Must Have Mods & Accessories for Your Toyota Tacoma

Posted by Adam Whitten on 7th Mar 2023

So you want to update your Toyota Tacoma? You are on your way. We know your Toyota Tacoma is important to you, so we will help improve your trucks look and functionality. Below, we've put together an awesome list of mods and accessories you can start using on your truck today!

The significant aspect of modding a Tacoma is that you can go several ways regarding improvements. With a few modifications, the Tacoma can be whatever you need - a fun weekend warrior ride or the ultimate overlander vehicle. The Toyota Tacoma is the undisputed king of mid-size trucks. The Tacoma has been a go-to car for commuters, weekend warriors, and explorers since its launch in 1995. Tacoma's third generation, which ran from 2005 to 2015, is now equipped with several performance and utility enhancements. Mid-size pickups, in general, are more easily adjusted, particularly the Tacoma. If you want to enhance your third-generation Tacoma, keep reading for our best 3rd gen Tacoma mods recommendations.

1. Taco clout wide-angle convex performance mirrors

Taco Clout's new wide-angle convex mirrors will replace your factory Toyota Tacoma mirrors! These wide-angle mirrors provide a wider field of vision and greater blind spot visibility. These mirrors are handy on the trails! Before you take off your bumper, you'll be able to see it! Taco Clout's mirrors have a cool blue tint that helps decrease glare at night!

Do your present mirrors have factory or aftermarket turn signals? You may use the existing wiring to incorporate our sequential turn signal into the mirror! Toyota's improved technology package? Then your vehicle most likely features blind spot monitoring! There's no need to worry about that since these mirrors provide an option to add blind spot monitoring from the factory or link up your own aftermarket blind spot monitoring system.

These mirrors are high-quality aftermarket replacements constructed in the same manner as the original mirrors and are direct replacements. These convex mirrors are practical, elegant, and safe and can be readily installed in minutes! FYI, Mirror objects tend to be closer than they appear.


2. Tacoma Step Edition Rock Sliders

Before you enter the rocky terrain, equip your car with a pair of Cali Raised LED rock sliders designed to withstand the worst circumstances. These rock sliders are specially manufactured to match your 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma. They will protect the underbelly of your customized off-road vehicle while you adventure in the great outdoors, allowing you to have fun on the trails ahead!

We don't charge you more for superior material or features like kick-outs since they're made from US 1.75" DOM tubing. The thickness of the slider wall is.120". Bolt-On sliders come with all of the necessary Grade 8 hardware for installation and need no modifications to your vehicle.

Select between RAW, Powder Coat, Bedliner finishes, and kick-out or no-kick-out. You may even mix and match the finishes of the slider and filling plate! More alternatives than any other market supplier! We don't charge you more for superior material or features like kick-outs since they're made from US 1.75" DOM tubing.


3. Roof Rack Mounted, Light Bar System

Do you ever need more lighting in front of your Toyota Tacoma? We have the solution. Our Roof Mounted Light Bar System holds 5 Baja Designs LP6 Lights. This Tacoma roof racks system features two forward roof brackets, one crossbar with five lights, two rear connector bars loaded with FK Heims, two rear connector bar brackets, and all the hardware needed for installation.

Please note that this product has a 1 to 2 week build time. Additional Baja Lights could have a 3 to 4 week lead time.


4. SSO License Plate Bracket

In your order, you will get one license plate bracket. It will be powder-coated. It is compatible with our Slimline Hybrid and Versa bumpers. It is compatible with most other bumpers with a flat area around the winch aperture.

It is our flip-up license plate bracket, which still enables you to access your winch line. It is a straightforward bolt-on design that fits between your bumper and fair lead. Have you already fitted your winch? No problem! We built this bracket with an aperture to allow you to attach it without removing the winch line hook. It is manufactured in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.


5. Front Grille LED Light Bar Kit

This kit contains the Top Grille and Light Brackets for the 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma, a 32" Dual Row LED Bar (Spot or Combo Beam), and a wiring harness. Check out the possibility of adding a little OEM switch! This custom-designed and laser-cut bracket will firmly attach your light 32" lower bumper lights on the Toyota Tacoma from 2016 to 2023. This outfit is tough on and off the trail, and it was proudly designed and built in the United States. The brackets are professionally powder-coated in a durable black semi-gloss finish to prevent corrosion.

This hidden LED Lightbar fits in your lower bumper opening, preserving the original face of the bumper & grille. When you light it up, it adds an element of surprise! They work within the grille and do not affect the light's function. Install your lower bumper light bar securely and prepare to hit the trails.


Final Words

Thank you for considering shopping with Taco Clout for your 3rd Gen Tacoma! When you select mods from us, you receive more than an update. We give the finest quality of products & service and pricing in the business, so your truck operates at its maximum level.

We realize your Tacoma is vital to you — we only carry components built with high-grade materials, so you’re getting something that lasts for years to come.