Wolfbox G900 4K+2.5K Touch Screen Parking Monitoring Dash Cam

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If you're searching for a dependable and advanced mirror dash cam to enhance the safety and security of your car, the Wolfbox G900 presents an outstanding choice. This top-notch wolfbox 4k dash cam is designed to offer unparalleled safety and security while driving. This dash cam mirrors pairs extremely well with the Taco Clout Wide Angle Performance Mirrors for your Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner. This dash cam is equipped with cutting-edge features like film-level 4K+2.5K+High-Quality Audio, upgraded super-capacitor and TYPEC interface, 12" IPS and Smart Touch Screen, unique Dual WDR+F1.5 Large Aperture, 24Hrs All-Round Protection, 320° Wide-Angle, and Safe Parking Assistance, the Wolfbox G900 serves as the ultimate solution for drivers seeking the finest car safety technology.

Film-Level 4K+2.5K+High-Quality Audio
The Wolfbox G900 incorporates a genuine ultra-HD 4K lens that delivers exceptional front camera quality at 3840×2160@30fps (8mp). The rear camera is exclusively enhanced, capturing a clear view of approaching cars behind at 2560×1440@30fps (3mp), ensuring optimal security. The built-in microphone and speakers provide high-quality audio, making it stand out as a remarkable camera for capturing audio and visual footage. The film-level 4K+2.5K+High-Quality Audio feature distinguishes the Wolfbox G900 as a top-tier mirror dash cam.

Upgraded Super-capacitor and TYPE-C Interface
The Wolfbox dash cam is equipped with an upgraded super-capacitor, surpassing traditional lithium batteries. This super-capacitor offers several advantages, including convenience, durability, safety, and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Compared to traditional lithium batteries, the super-capacitor charges faster and has an increased rechargeable and dischargeable cycle lifespan of over 100 times. It also performs well in extreme weather, withstanding temperatures ranging from -4℉ to 158℉. Additionally, the Wolfbox G900 features an upgraded TYPE-C interface, offering a transmission speed of up to 500mbps, several times faster than traditional interfaces.

12" IPS and Smart Touch Screen
The Wolfbox G900 is equipped with a streaming media smart dash cam mirror that features an industry-leading integrated screen with a resolution of 1920x480P. The high light transmittance 2.5D curved glass screen and anti-glare processing ensure clear visibility even in bright sunlight or nighttime glare. With its popular 12" body size and sleek design, it perfectly blocks the rearview mirror, providing a wider horizontal field of view compared to smaller screens. The 12" IPS and Smart Touch Screen is an impressive feature of the Wolfbox G900 mirror dash cam.

Unique Dual WDR+F1.5 Large Aperture
Unlike other rearview mirrors that often lack clarity and night vision in the rear camera, the Wolfbox G900 addresses this issue with its 2.5K UHD rear camera equipped with WDR technology. The F1.5 large aperture allows the camera to adapt to various lighting conditions and deliver excellent picture quality, whether it's day or night or even in tunnels. With dual perspectives from the front and rear cameras, you can enjoy crystal-clear images and videos from all angles.

24-Hour All-Round Protection & UHD Evidence
The G900 mirror dash cam ensures continuous protection and captures high-definition evidence in various ways. Its loop recording feature automatically replaces the oldest unlocked videos, allowing uninterrupted recording. In the event of collisions, the G-sensor detects the impact and promptly records and locks the footage as valuable evidence. Additionally, you have the option to manually trigger emergency recording when needed. The G900 even includes a "Fatigue Reminder" feature to remind you to take breaks during long drives. Furthermore, the parking monitoring feature records continuous time-lapse videos, while the GPS tracking accurately logs speed, position, and direction, providing reliable evidence in case of incidents.

320° Wide-Angle Safe Parking Assistance
With the G900, you benefit from a wide 320° viewing angle that covers multiple lanes and reduces blind spots. You can even adjust the vertical/mirror rotation of the rear camera angle to overcome the issue of traditional video images appearing opposite to the actual scene. The reverse mode offers two selectable options: Panorama Display and Full-Screen Display, facilitating safe parking by allowing manual adjustment of the viewing angle.

Advantages of the Wolfbox G900
Compared to other dashboard cameras and competing brands, the Wolfbox G900 stands out with its superior features and advanced technology. Its genuine ultra-HD 4K lens and 2.5K rear camera, equipped with dual WDR and an F1.5 large aperture, ensure exceptional clarity and night vision for both front and rear perspectives. The upgraded supercapacitor and TYPE-C interface enhance convenience, durability, and safety, surpassing traditional lithium battery dashcams. Moreover, the 12" IPS and Smart Touch Screen with its wide horizontal field of view and anti-glare processing provide a clear and immersive viewing experience.

When compared to other Wolfbox dashcams, the G900 exceeds expectations with its upgraded features such as the 2.5K rear camera, dual WDR, F1.5 large aperture, and 12" IPS and Smart Touch Screen. It also incorporates a unique Fatigue Reminder function and supports GPS tracking, delivering additional safety and security for drivers.

How to Install Wolfbox G900?
Installing the Wolfbox G900 is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps. First, attach the provided straps to the rear-view mirror and securely fasten them. Then, inside the car, use screws and 3M glue to attach the iron sheet and bracket. For the exterior of the vehicle, affix the rear lens above the license plate using the provided 3M sticker. Finally, ensure all connectors are properly connected and turn on the mirror dash cam. With these straightforward steps, your G900 will be installed and ready to use in no time.

Final Thoughts
With its high-quality video recording capabilities and wide-angle lens, the Wolfbox G900 captures every moment on the road, providing a clear and accurate record of any incidents that may occur. This footage can play a vital role in determining fault in accidents and serve as valuable evidence in legal proceedings. Moreover, the G900's advanced features, including emergency recording and parking mode, offer added peace of mind and protection for both you and your vehicle. Overall, the Wolfbox G900 dash cam is a smart investment for anyone concerned about their safety while driving.

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Wolfbox G900 4K+2.5K Touch Screen Parking Monitoring Dash Cam


Wolfbox G900 4K+2.5K Touch Screen Parking Monitoring Dash Cam